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May 13, 2018
Taking Back the Boob

Almost every breastfeeding mother has heard it, seen it, or felt it. That stigma that we are doing something wrong by feeding our children in a public place with our... should I even be saying it out loud? Breasts! Dun, dun, duunn! Here in the United States, we live in a society that has completely sexualized the boob. But what is the booby really all about? 

Let’s start with the basics. First of all, what is the definition of breasts, a quick google definition search and you’ll see: “either of the two soft, protruding organs on the upper front of a woman's body that secrete milk after pregnancy.” Mmhmm, yeah, already that sounds SOO sexy. Okay, so what is a (female) boob made of? Well Web MD describes the woman’s breast as “...the tissue overlying the chest (pectoral) muscles. Women's breasts are made of specialized tissue that produces milk (glandular tissue) as well as fatty tissue. The amount of fat determines the size of the breast. The milk-producing part of the breast is organized into 15 to 20 sections, called lobes.” See article for full description of what a breast is made of: https://www.webmd.com/women/picture-of-the-breasts

Now let’s talk purpose, what do boobies do!? Well, for a woman who has not had any children or for any man, their functionality is pretty limited to absolutely nothing. Now for a Mama, the breast is a wonderful thing! It provides all of the nourishment a little tyke might require to grow strong and healthy at a very reasonable monetary price of free! Did I also mention that a child can be sustained solely on breastmilk for an ENTIRE year? No additional food required! So how did we get here?

Well, the unfortunate reality is Western culture is one where instead of holding everyone accountable for their own feelings and actions, we allow them to shame the person(s) who evoke that negative feeling, whatever it may be. This idealism can be seen in many different forms here in America, but regrettably, our women suffer the most from this outlook. I mean, who decided that we should be responsible for the way another person reacts to our bodies? Did you? Did I? What is this madness? I believe whole heartedly that it is high time to change this way of thinking.

I am here to tell you, we are NOT responsible for your feelings of lust, we are NOT responsible for your feelings of embarrassment, we are NOT responsible for your feelings, and we are NOT responsible for YOU! A woman’s body is her own and if she needs to feed her child, that is her prerogative, no matter where she is or who is around. The time has come for us to take back the boob! 

No more covering up, no more hiding in a bathroom, no more body shaming! Our children are our #1 priority, when they are hungry, we feed them, no if, ands, or buts! If you don’t like it, walk away, turn your head, but always remember YOU are the problem, not US. So Mamas, when you feel those hateful eyes, when your hear the whispers, when you see the angry face approaching, don’t be afraid, don’t shy away, YOU ARE AMAZING and you keep doing you!

You have the full extent of the law behind you, even if you don’t have the support from society as a whole. However, I truly believe we can change this! How you might ask? We can change this simply by feeding our children everywhere, anytime, and doing so unapologetically. The only way to normalize something is by doing it over and over and over until it becomes normal, and it starts with you. You are providing and sustaining life, one feeding at a time with those amazing life-giving jugs of yours! So, don’t let someone else’s feelings inhibit your flow of of liquid gold! And I must say, you look absolutely beautiful doing it. Feed on! 


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