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I'm Meg

Storyteller | Adventurer | Photographer

My story starts in a small town in Kentucky with a Barbie Polaroid Camera my parents gave me when I was just five years old. Camera in hand is my m.o. and always has been. From small town life to big city livin', my partner and I packed up and shipped out for New York City where I dabbled in the different avenues of photography. I learned from some of NYCs best, but most importantly, I learned that photography alone wasn't enough for me. I needed more, I needed to get out and explore, high up in the tops of mountains and down in misty valleys splashing in waterfalls. I needed to tell a story, a story of love, of growth, of passion; I wanted to help people see the beauty I saw in them. NYC and I danced the night away but I soon came to realize we just weren't meant to be so, once again we gathered our things and this time we traveled clear across the country until we landed here, in Eugene, Oregon. Since touch down, my partner and I have found an incredible community, we've added an adorable little cherub to our little family, and we've explored some of Oregon's most beautiful locations! Now, it is my mission to go on as many glorious adventures with amazing folks as I can; capturing the emotion of the moment and creating beautiful memories that will last more than a lifetime. 

Come adventure with me and lets capture your story.